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Why Biomass Heating?
Here is a brief yet easy to digest insight into the use of Biomass Heating...

Unlike fossil fuel, wood is a renewable energy. When burnt the carbon dioxide (CO²) that is released into the atmosphere is only the CO² that the plant would release when it died and decomposed.

In other words, it creates a ‘closed carbon cycle’ where the same amount of CO² is absorbed from the atmosphere by the biomass as is released when it is burnt, making it carbon neutral.

Vigas Biomass Log Boiler & Akvaterm Accumulator Tank

Biomass boilers are extremely efficient and can achieve over 90% efficiency – dramatically more than conventional boilers. Sophisticated control systems and burn efficiency means that heat and fuel are not wasted and there is very little waste/ash..

Logs are the most common of wood fuel available in the UK. Log boilers, when burned at full capacity can have efficiencies of up to 92%.

Biomass is an opportunity for consumers to take control of the energy they use and not be constrained by the fluctuating oil prices we encounter year on year.

Supply of Wood Fuel...

The satisfaction that can be found from growing your own food or building your own house can extend to supplying your own wood fuel.

Any wood can potentially be used for wood fuel as long as it is dry. The worst quality timber makes the best sense as wood fuel. Converting trees into wood fuel that have quality and therefore value for furniture/building is not sensible.

How much wood fuel do I need...

A rule of thumb for wood fuel that appears to be useful is that under normal use for each 1 kW of boiler output rate - 0.4 tonnes of dry wood is needed per year.


  • 5kW log burner providing space heating for a lounge - 2 dry tonnes.
  • 25 kW log boiler providing central heating and hot water (c/h & h/w) for a house - 10 dry tonnes.
  • 80 kW log boiler providing c/h & h/w for a large farmhouse with out-buildings - 35 dry tonnes.

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