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Biomass heating system installers and suppliers of Vigas Boilers & Akvaterm Accumulators.
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...based in the South West, Dunster Heat is a nationwide supplier of wood burning boilers and accumulators, which can be combined to form an efficient central heating system.

There is an ever growing demand for biomass alternatives to provide central heating and hot water, not only for economic purposes, but also due to public consciousness to reducing ones carbon footprint. At Dunster Heat, we have the solution for the small and large family home, housing and industrial complexes, B&B’s and hotels.

VIGAS wood-burning boilers and AKVATERM accumulator tanks are renowned for their quality, reliability and efficiency - which is the reason why DUNSTER HEAT has teamed up with these systems.

VIGAS wood-burning boilers come in various sizes and due to the down-burning gasifying technology employed, ensure ultra efficiency and a lower fuel consumption compared to standard systems. The Vigas boilers have automatic controls and are simple to use and maintain. VIGAS launched the optional LAMBDA control units integrally installed on all models, leading to an even greater efficiency - the manufacturer claiming that as a result 20-25% less wood is burnt. DUNSTER HEAT has conducted its own trials, and the results would suggest that this claim is true.

AKVATERM offers a choice of accumulator tanks ranging from 300 litres to 10,000 litres. The key point of the AKVATERM accumulators is the insulation properties, which ensures that heat loss is miniscule (in the region of 1°C in 24 hours) leading to savings in fuel consumption. AKVATERM will also custom make tanks to accommodate any restrictions in terms of space or height of the property. These accumulators are extremely versatile and can also be switched to be powered by gas, oil or solar - therefore, giving complete flexibility.
Mark Weatherlake, Managing Director of Dunster Heat, has many years experience and knowledge of the biomass market, and has a presence at many exhibitions and shows throughout the U.K. and, where possible, is able to demonstrate a working example of the boiler/ accumulator.

DUNSTER HEAT provides a full back-up service before and after installation, and, for anyone considering a biomass system for the first time, arrangements can be made to visit a property where an installation is up and running.

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Why use Biomass Heating?

Biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel that is widely available throughout the UK. Its production and use of your own wood bring both substantial, environmental & financial benefits.

Biomass is a sustainable fuel that when applied to one of our heating systems will reduce your heating costs and utilise your wood with a fixed guaranteed return.

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